Minicon 56

April 7-9, Easter weekend, 2023

About Minicon

Minicon is a volunteer run, general science fiction convention held every year on Easter weekend in or near Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minicon is run by the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, or MNStF. Attendees of Minicon can expect to find a full slate of programming (panel discussions, readings, signings, etc.), costuming, films, gaming (open and organized), a teen lounge, an art show, dealers, a kids' room, a science room, filk and folk music, a consuite and bar, room parties, and various special events.

Guests of Honor

Author: Martha Wells

Photo of Martha Wells

Fulfilling the (not quite) ancient prophecies, Martha was born in Fort Worth, Texas and ascended to complete a fruitful education at Texas A&M. She took her accomplishments as a proud Aggie, went on to become an author and was published in the SF/F genre in 1993. Many, many good things are being delivered from her complex mind and there will be many more to come.

Her work spans areas from dark science fiction, to several different modes of fantasy, to futuristic speculative fiction and all sorts of divergences in between. From gripping short stories to multi-book series, YA content and occasional excursions into non-fiction, Martha's repertoire is sophisticated but accessible. Her characters and stories are seen through many lenses and perspectives, all with engaging and embraceable enthusiasm that shines through.

It is with great anticipation that we welcome Martha as our author guest of honor for Minicon 56 and hopefully she will find her experience here with us as enjoyable and illuminating as we anticipate we will find her. So, happy we're going to be seeing you with us, Martha!

Artist: Sara Felix

Photo of Sara Felix with a tiara

Sara Felix is a Hugo award winning mixed media artist. Her works are typically done in alcohol ink, acrylics and resin. She also creates a weekly tiara for Tiara Tuesday and has created over 100 unique tiaras in the project. She teaches online and in person classes when she can. They typically sell out quickly as she has a large following with her creations.

She has been guest of honor at multiple conventions across the states and shows at science fiction art shows when she can. She has designed 2 Hugo bases, the 2016 base and co-designed the 2018 Hugo base with Vincent Villafranca. She has designed three WSFS Young Adult Award/Lodestar awards as well as the nominee pins. She is the president of ASFA, the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, who bestow the Chesleys each year.

Fan: Greg Ketter

Photo of Greg Ketter holding a book

Greg Ketter is a Minneapolis SF bookstore owner, huckster, and con-running fan. He is a member of Minn-StF. He's worked on numerous regionals and Worldcons. He chaired Minicon 40, Minicon 41, and the 1993 and 2002 World Fantasy Conventions. He was the founder of SerCon (the convention). He has written for Rune and been a member of Minneapa.

Greg has been running the DreamHaven SF bookstore for around thirty years as well as its associated DreamHaven Press. He was also at one time a partner in The Stars Our Destination bookstore in Chicago. He published the Dreamhaven Fortieth Anniversary Scrapbook in 2017.

Minicon 56 Programming

Programming at Minicon is a joint endeavor between the Programming team and everyone who comes to Minicon.

First, we open our inbox to your ideas. What do you want to see at Minicon? Are you passionate about a topic and would like to converse with several really cool people about it in front of a live audience?

To get you started, take a peek at what we have in the hopper.

The Minicon 56 programming event list is located here: it is a work in progress, so check back occasionally. It may inspire you to suggest an event yourself.

Send your ideas to the programming department email, at

Finally, we determine the schedule and who will be on each programming event.

If you want to be a panelist on any of the events listed, let us know at, or open the event from the list and click the "Volunteer for this event" button.

We look forward to seeing you!

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